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Continuing on the previous rant, coming to work, being around insipid, uninspiring blokes is the worst feeling – especially when the company doing some life, world changing things. And I am stuck in a city with people who can only talk about people and not problems. And nothing is being done to change this culture.

I got mansplained yesterday. and he was such a dick that he started the conversation saying ‘Do you want me to explain it to you’ and proceeded to give his jizz filled bullshit without even waiting for an answer from my end.


My colleagues at work are the best when it comes to exclusion. First, I got teased at work for my accent. I’m sorry that I don’t sound like you, can you not treat me differently now? They make plans to go to restaurants where I cannot eat because it serves only non-veg food. Yes, my friends, high-school level drama here. #Riverdalecalling

Secondly, for the fact that I’m a girl. Yes, so many instances. Ugh.

Thirdly, teasing me with A when I wasn’t even dating him. Can you believe it? I was under this mental torture where my colleagues used to tease me with him and I used to dread coming in to work every single day. And no one stood up for me. Because this was acceptable behavior.

When we went for a summit at M, a senior level employee (now rightly fired) told me that if he wasn’t married, he would ‘totally hit on me’.



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