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The hunt

And so here I am, in the very place I dreaded to be – the search for the perfect man. As I have skimmed through profiles, as I see boys I was supposed to get married to, get married to someone else – I wonder about who my perfect man would be. Do I have a list? I met an interesting guy recently – great speaker, great dresser, I did want to get to know him more – but it didn’t happen. First impressions matter, but do lasting impressions matter more?

I am looking for the perfect boy – someone who gets my craziness. Someone who is very good with numbers (I don’t know why I get super impressed with that).

Now you might be thinking – hey, hey, whatever happened to D? I was smitten, I was in love. But guess what, turns out you can get out of love too – when you see that the other person has taken zero efforts to do anything in his life to be with you. Slowly and surely, you start to give up. Hope becomes plastic.

And so here I am – in search for the perfect person – to fit my puzzle. Are you listening?


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