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It’s 2016

Yes it is, and here are some life updates.

  1. I am still stuck in C – town
  2. I have broken up with D

I cannot even begin to tell you how point 2 has affected me. This avalanche of feelings, you know, like the tsunami videos you see. Like that snowstorm video I saw on YouTube and was terrified of. It was just, bad. What made it worse was my environment, surrounded by wedding announcements, love in the air statements and happy couples. Call me a grinch, but it makes it so so bad. Misery loves company after all.

I always think this is life’s way of making me stronger, so that something better will come along. I still carry with me that imaginary pouch filled with glitter dust, shimmering in positivity and light. I still believe my moment is yet to come, it is somewhere nearby, as I mould myself to become a better, more forgiving person.

As you might know, D was my everything. My best friend, my soulmate, my sibling, etc. It was so difficult to let go of him. I’m not ready to talk about this yet because I haven’t made my peace with it. Theories, what-ifs, shoulda-woulda-coulda situations completely cloud judgement which is then followed by hating him, then hating myself, then hating everything around me.

2016 is looking very rosy thus far.


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