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Queen of Rants

It’s this room. No sunlight, no breeze, which gives me the heebee-jeebies. Makes me feel like complete shit. Makes me think of breaking up with D. Makes me hate my life. Makes me almost suicidal.

I feel nothing towards this place. But it has the oddest of people. Especially my colleagues. Some of them are really nice, but some of them are so terribly masculine. in the worst of ways.

Oh god, I totally use this as a ranting portal. But guess what, meditation and yoga is putting me on a path of calm and peace. I’ve never tried meditation before and I was always such a sceptic. But I was introduced to it and I am hooked. It is by far the only thing that’s keeping me going currently. That is helping me with the crying bouts, that is making me look at the silver lining, that is just so so healing. I feel better already JUST by typing about it. The power of meditation.

Aum Shanthi, Shanthi, Shan..(oh god it’s a Monday tomorrow) thihii…..


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