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Do you?

Do you have any tips for someone who has been dreaming a little too much about her wedding?

About what she will wear, what she will do, how she will plan it out…do you?

Because she needs to stop thinking about these ludicrous things pronto. Because she fails to realize that is isn’t about your dream wedding, it’s about the marriage after. And the marriage bit usually sucks.

How do I break it to her? I hope she gets out of this la la land asap. Stupid, stupid Facebook, feeding her with more hopes and thoughts. Perhaps she could deactivate her Facebook account? That would be a first step.

By the time she does get married, her face won’t be the as youthful as it should be, perhaps her friends would be too busy nursing babies to throw her a bachelorette, but she will be the happiest bride ever. Or will she?

Till then, she needs to suppress these thoughts, she needs to store them away, she needs to put out this fire before it engulfs her in totality.


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