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The B school (and boyfriend) bubble

Well, I am finally in B school. After 3 years or so. It feels okay, but then again, it is unfortunate that I intentionally plan an encounter only when the heart aches. D is awesome, no. more than awesome. I couldn’t be anyone more nicer, who I know will take care of me when I forget that the brain cells in my idiot box are dying.

But. There’s always a but.

I am worried for our future. Will we have one? I left Doha thinking that’s the only certain thing in my life. And now that he has completely forbidden me to talk about it (till I graduate that is), I can’t help but wonder what is answer then will be? What if he still cannot give me an answer. What am I supposed to do then? 

The truth is, I cannot wait to start my life with him. I want to travel, explore and come back to the same home with him. I also realize that I will be completely heartbroken if this doesn’t work out. Devastated. The thought itself breaks me a little.

Question marks love me, follow me wherever I go, till i burst that bubble and enter another one. 



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