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Here I am

Back to Bombay basics.

Sitting alone in the flat in P, I had a minor tiff with D. But it feels like a pure, real relationship. Yes, it scares me gutless to think what if it doesn’t work out? I will probably lose all the confidence I have in the concept of love. I will probably get married to someone I don’t know.

But for now, that’s for another universe, another birth. I want things with D to work out. I want him to be settled down and professionally settled before he comes and asks me to marry him, which I will gladly because it is all I have ever wanted since I realized he was the one.

It also scares me to no end to think I’m joining B school with a boyfriend. Oh god, the fear envelopes me. I have to make long distance work. Long distance?! It sounds like such a joke to me…but I need to make it work…I need to! I need all the strength in the world. It seems easy because it is right, but at the same time, it is scary as hell!

Welcome to my life.


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