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What happened when my ex sent me a picture of his penis

Incomplete Post

It all happened too quickly. The picture, I mean.
It had been half a year since we broke up. It had been a cute story when it started out.  We met through mutual friends and we hit it off almost immediately. The spark, the chemistry was undeniable. And then the bell curve, the issues started. First it was about how careless and irresponsible he was and then the cheating began (which i found out much later) I caught him cheating on me twice. And then I moved out of the city. We bid a ready farewell and the next week A lot of missing was happening and when a teary eyed me called him up only to find out he sleeps with his (other) Ex’s best friend..at the Ex’s birthday party.
And then they started dating and were in a full fledged relationship soon after.
The random sexting started very soon. I have a rule..


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