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Wedding Song

When I was in school, I came up with a perfect thought. Rahul Gandhi and I would be so much in love, and the opening dance at our wedding would be to More Than Words by Extreme. It would be perfect.

But really, the notion of perfectionism doesn’t even exist.

But still, More Than Words will happen on my reception night. So Mr.Man of my supposed dreams, I hope you have your dancing shoes on. I’m thinking of a mash up which starts with More Than Words and then goes on to something more dance-y.

Oh, I’m not getting married anytime soon.

Also, I am not seeing someone.

Speaking of people in general, I think R is interesting. Well, I am pretty sure this is one of those things that I will come back and read and go *snort* *chuckle* *snort*, but for now, I like him. He’s so different yet the same. I’m very cautious too (signs of growing old), I didn’t drunk text him when I was super drunk. Kudos Esskayness! I’m proud of ya.

Apart from that, life is alright, just about okay. I’ll fill you in with more details later.



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