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Bullet train of thoughts.

Today I wondered deeply, thought and analyzed about what life could possibly hold in store for me. What am I to see that I haven’t seen already?

I don’t know, I look into the distance and it feels like there is too much smog there. In the process of living up to unknown expectations, somewhere down the line, I forgot to keep my own. I don’t know what makes me happy, happy enough to pursue for the rest of my life.

Talking makes me happy. I love communications, I love observing reactions. Can one make a career out of this? I love the spotlight, I love being the one who holds and adjusts the spotlight. What am I to do? The mind wanders relentlessly, I’m driven into a fit of a thousand questions, posed to everyone from my grandmother who predicted my traits, to my parents who brought me up, to him who fucked me up and finally to myself who didn’t ask these questions, didn’t search for these answers at the right enough time.


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