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Dysfunctional Bombay

There’s nothing called a good break up. Break ups are never good and the sooner you realize that the better it is for you. And as much as hanging out with your ex is fine because ‘we are friends now’, it really is not fine. I used to hang out with a bunch of people in bombay who all inter dated and nothing embarrasses me more to think that I was part of that group. They simply did not respect boundaries and relationships. With each one, I share a special bond. I like Sh a lot, I think he’s super talented and smart. F is a very sensitive soul and I find that interesting. H is an idiot who pukes everywhere she goes but she’s a nice idiot..so on and so forth (although L is still my favorite person from the group). The point is, you cannot really value what you share with them as a group because it is all so messed up and warped. Don’t like it at all. 

Well, everything is a lesson in learning.

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