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When you are deep in love, it is as though you are a mermaid. Deep in the
ocean, you can’t survive on land. You love the lack of land. You enjoy
lying deep. You like it because there’s no wind. But what happens when
its over? When you are no longer in love? You turn into a human. The
breathlessness gets to you. Your lungs start to fill up and your body
starts to feel uncomfortable. You move towards sunlight. You swim upward,
slowly but surely. Initially, you like the deep waters, wallowing in self
pity, wondering if the saltiness stems from the ocean, or your tears. But
you move upward, you do. You like the sunlight, you get used to it, you
feel the breeze and you love the way it dries your skin. You reach the
shore and lie down in mental peace because you are not deep in love

And then you stop believing in mermaids.


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