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When I talk to B sometimes, I feel such a strong sense of resistance from his side. Its almost like he thinks me and S are going nowhere and we are going to break up very soon and he’ll come back to me again. and tell me it’ll be just fine this time. Tell me that he won’t be a douche this time. Its very odd, this vibe I get from him. I immediately say something stupid. I know he wishes I gave this vibe some sort of attention. But unfortunately he doesn’t get MY vibe, which clearly says, that will never happen, whether I end up with S or not. I love my S so much, B seems like a college drag along now. I feel horrible as I am typing this, because I do care for B as a friend, as a person, but no more than that. He was so wrong at so many levels. He might have been an excellent kisser, but with S its definitely something else.


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