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I have always wanted to live in an independent house. Ever since I can remember what a good home feels like. Whenever I would look at a huge mansion or a tiny cottage, I would feel an immediate sense of kinship. I used to have family friends who would adorn their pretty gulf villas with funny furniture. And I’d always come back home and ask mom why we don’t live in an independent house and why we live in a flat. She would give me the three standard replies:

1) Appa works on shift basis, so its just unsafe for a lady to stay alone in a villa with 2 kids.
2) Maintenance, hello?
3) We can’t afford it.

And I would quietly nod. Even though I know these compound villas had better security than my watchman-less building. I was, however, always unsure about point 2 and 3, so I would keep mum. and keep to mum.

But this time, when I was 22, I came home to a villa. A beautiful villa. and I couldn’t describe the feeling. The home I have wanted since forever, has become a mere vacation home, but still, a villa. Sigh. a deep, relieved, bittersweet sigh.

This house is an English cottage. Yes, it is that pretty. It has a small brown gate. White washed walls. a sober look. It looks like the kind of place Harry Potter would want to live in if he still lived in the muggle world. Centre of the city, yet mysterious.

Center of the city! Yes, I stay right in the middle of the throbbing heart. Opposite my favourite sheesha place in Doha. And the most popular one. 5 minutes walking distance from Pizza hut, which was the place I hung out most during school AND 3.5 minutes away from Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts.

Also, it is a cottage, sure. BUT it is very neoteric in its own rights. It is a compound villa (with rows of similar looking houses). I have a squash court, a heated pool, a gymnasium, a clubhouse for parties, a basketball, tennis and badminton court AND (my favourite) a library! with GOOD BOOKS! Oh, and a Sauna too. tee hee.

I sound 16. I wish I was 16. I would do anything to go back to being 16 and living here.

I love my new place. will put up pictures very soon. till then, I rest with an almost creepy smile on my face.


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