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Cannot Undo


I always tried.
to mock a fever,
blame the herd
talk to the nerd.
Was I?
being different.
I know I was callous
and now its just a mess.
I wonder if
he still remembers
my plight;
the distant sight
of laughter and love.
But distance just grows,
and he just shows
how much he never kept distance
as his parameter.
She walks into the room
dainty and fresh
like she hasn’t let him
pierce into her flesh.
He laughs and jokes
looks at her once.
with a smirk so evil
A killer can only,
She lost more than her virginity.
in a pool of desperation,
She lost herself?
She is standing atop now
not in a moment of death.
if i do reach the gates.
Roses will adorn,
my wreath.

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