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Musing Moments

– Its almost been a month in Mumbai. Do you sometimes feel you are zoning out more than normal? I do, and that scares me like nothing else. What scares me more is that I love zoning out.

– I miss my previous hub, but I miss him too. I do, and I want to think I don’t miss him. The funniest thing is I used to miss him even when I was 10 minutes away from his place.

– But me and my chaddi buddy from college have started speaking again. We had a rough patch, but we stitched it alright and we have 2 hour conversations. Thats my talking time, don’t think I’ll be able to talk to someone on the phone for more than 2 hours.

– Mumbai has a lot of people, but I feel quite lonely at times. The other day, I went to eat paav bhaaji from my favourite restaurant. I was all alone and that seemed weird to the waiter. He gave me an extra paav! made me laugh and wonder why people thought loneliness was a bad thing. Its one of the most giving states that I have been in.

– Living with a sibling can be awesome and awful at the same time. My brother doesn’t let me iron my hair because its unhealthy (!) but I get to eat all that he cooks, with such finesse and such powerful blend of flavors when he mixes the ingredients in the right proportion to give me a little party in my mouth.

Uh oh, looks like I’m watching too much of Masterchef Australia.


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