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Letter of Recommendation

Since I’m leaving this city, I need to do all those crazy formalities. and one such formality I have been carefully avoiding is getting a letter of recommendation from College. Since our head is busy and all and all,She asked me to write one myself and said she would edit it. Now, since, I’m so modest and humble and all and all, I decide to give this task to one of my buddies who agreed. What a sweetheart. And he wrote me one. Which I had to drastically edit. So this is what he wrote:

“Love her or hate her, you simply can’t ignore her” is an oft-repeated cliché but in my view, it certainly holds true in the case of Ms.K.  During her 3 years at S, she distinguished herself with her enthusiasm and willingness to work hard for things she believed in. Academically sound and a keen participant in class discussions, she left an indelible impression on faculty and students alike. An active debater, saying she has an opinion on most things “under the Sun” would be an understatement. In my view, the most striking thing about this independent young lady is that she is her own person and is yet remarkably tolerant of conflicting viewpoints. She has proved her effectiveness and leadership skills by <<blah blah college activity>> concept. It might interest you to know that in just one and a half years since K & her friends conducted <<blah blah more college activities>>, K was again at the forefront here taking up the responsibility of <<i’m tired of the blah blah now>>. K and her inimitable laugh will not be forgotten soon here at S and I wish her all the best for all her future endeavours.

I think my ego just went to Disneyland, via Amsterdam and is yet to come back. What a trip. Unfortunately, I had to edit it. Can’t make my principal laugh this much also.


One response

  1. DI

    😀 Such an awww testimonial! Though I would have loved it if you sent it to your principal as is, and then told us abt her/his reaction too 😉

    October 14, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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