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# My office has a photography exhibition for its employees. The oh-so-enthusiastic side of mine immediately perked up, and I began rambling through my old albums to catch an almost-dying-tree-atop-a-mountain- as-the-sun-is-setting picture or maybe the macro focus of a pretty flower (how original, no?). But I thought I would check the competition out first. Sneaky me. So I walk into the cafeteria where the pictures are put up and start searching for the pictures. And all I could see, was these baby pictures.

Not even cute babies. Really ugly babies. Some had drool all over their face, while others had black kaajal all over their face. Not to mention that big black dot on their chin / eyebrow. And some of them didn’t need a reason to look bad. Agreed, we all have those kaajal pictures(if you don’t think you do, you’re simply wrong); but why the fuck would you publish them in an open office exhibition?

Other entries: Pictures of drunk managers and their funny faces during such drunkenness. I don’t even know why I called it funny. Must replace funny with i-will-rape-you faces.

So much for creativity I tell you. Thank heavens this is my last week at work.


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