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A Short Story

I enter. With a lot of hope, expectations and yes, the thrill of a human birth after these endless birth and death cycles. A human birth. So when I got here, I heard her talking to him. They were discussing each other. She was laughing and it felt like the same bells I’ve heard up there. How will she be? She’s fun, quirky, friendly and warm. Like the womb. I can’t wait to meet my mother. I feel like I’m growing very fast because of the love she shares with him; because of the prayers she said when she missed her period. I heard the temple’s bell.  I tasted the offering. So this is my first happy sentiment; feeling special.

I always wondered about this moment. Wait a second, what is that dingy brown smell, covering my sensitive skin? Ah, my mother’s a coffee lover! It smells rather bad, I must say. The things people drink. Maybe one day, when I’m old enough, I will make her something nice and fragrant. That isn’t harmful and doesn’t look like wet brown mud. I can’t wait for that day.

Now I’m thinking of the conversations we will have. I’ve heard she can befriend anyone. Will she call me something special? Will my father teach me all those wondrous things he keeps talking to my mother about? Why does she crib so much about her job though? If she hates it, she must leave it. I feel protective towards her already.

But I must admit, it is weird the things she exposes me to. The other day, as I was lazing around, I felt my eyes burn. Smoke? Was it healthy for me? I felt sick. Maybe mother was doing this to keep me immune from all those evil things in the world. This is her way of protecting me. Maybe that’s why she took part in the drinking game the other day. I read her thoughts. She thinks drinking is a horrible vice. Yet she won, she downed 3 glasses. I felt like I was swishing around in a wave pool. I felt nauseated. But, I suddenly felt fear in the womb. Her heartbeat increased and she downed a lot of water too. She wanted me to be safe! I felt clean all over again. And protected, just like how a loved child should feel.

Then one day I felt a poke. It hurt. And I felt another poke. This time, it cut a finger off. Suddenly, I felt a chemical being released. It was dark green and it mixed with some maroon fluid in my body. I saw my body cringe and shrink, the chemical was burning me. I tasted for the first time. It was salt, from the tears that came from my eyes. What were those offerings for? What was that laugh about? Why was my mother subjecting me to this? So many unanswered questions. And as I burned away, I thought of the bells. The laughter that made me smile. Only this time, these were the bells calling me back.


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