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But let’s talk about the good stuff

The good news is, I am married to A. Being married is no different, and i LOVE that. I have always been terrified that life would change a 180 degrees as soon as I wear the thali, and I quite enjoy wearing it tbh. It reminds me of him, and it makes me think that he is close to my heart, especially since he lives so far away in city B.

I really want to come home to him, and I really don’t enjoy this long distance marriage. I keep telling myself that this is short-lived, and I truly hope it is. I want to enjoy my married life with him, I want to be able to cook for him and go on trips with him. I really wish we lived together.



Torture at work

Yes, I work at the infamous U company. Horrible culture they say, Horrible culture I have to put up with. Everyday is a nightmare, dealing with sexist, misogynistic, insensitive pigs. I have never worked for a company this callous, this insensitive and this sexist. Whatever they are saying in the news, it is a hundred percent true. Take it from someone who has to deal with it in city C.


Continuing on the previous rant, coming to work, being around insipid, uninspiring blokes is the worst feeling – especially when the company doing some life, world changing things. And I am stuck in a city with people who can only talk about people and not problems. And nothing is being done to change this culture.

I got mansplained yesterday. and he was such a dick that he started the conversation saying ‘Do you want me to explain it to you’ and proceeded to give his jizz filled bullshit without even waiting for an answer from my end.


My colleagues at work are the best when it comes to exclusion. First, I got teased at work for my accent. I’m sorry that I don’t sound like you, can you not treat me differently now? They make plans to go to restaurants where I cannot eat because it serves only non-veg food. Yes, my friends, high-school level drama here. #Riverdalecalling

Secondly, for the fact that I’m a girl. Yes, so many instances. Ugh.

Thirdly, teasing me with A when I wasn’t even dating him. Can you believe it? I was under this mental torture where my colleagues used to tease me with him and I used to dread coming in to work every single day. And no one stood up for me. Because this was acceptable behavior.

When we went for a summit at M, a senior level employee (now rightly fired) told me that if he wasn’t married, he would ‘totally hit on me’.



Every day is becoming a struggle. To survive in this horrible workplace.


Dear A,
your presence brought us so much joy, I’ve never seen my brother this thrilled, this happy and it was all because of you.
when A first told me, I was numb. I was going to be an aunt, yes! I have waited for this moment for so long.
and the time in Phuket, when we found out that you were a boy. the joy and delight. we will never forget how we placed bets on your gender, and the funniest thing was , we didn’t care to win or lose. both sides made us winners.
aaru, you united us together and you made us a stronger family. we will always love you, more than we’ll ever love anyone else. You have left us sad but to know that you are in a better place, gives us courage. we love you Aaru.

Life update

I’m getting married. Yes. The M word with the A boy.
It is finally happening, and the word is (cliche alert) surreal. I don’t know what to feel and how to feel it, but it feels right.
A is perfect. perfect for me. And that’s what you do when you meet someone perfect, right? At least that’s what the movies taught me.


Expectations hurt.

I bought my engagement ring today. Do you know how much I’ve dreamt about this moment? How I imagined the perfect man to sweep me off my imperfect feet.

But this is how it panned out:

The perfect man took me to a random store in a random city – and checked his work mail while I bought the tiniest ring in the history of the engagement universe.

No proposal, nothing. But I found the perfect man. So, yay! 🙂

EDIT: He did propose.